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Slackers Summer Of Big Tunes 2: Pre-Order Merch from the Next Slackers Album!

BONUS ROUND!!!! If we hit $30,000, everyone gets a free live show download featuring Jesse Wagner from the Aggrolites!!!

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Its been 5 years since the Slackers have released a full album of original music. Since that time, I've been asked numerous times "when is the new album coming out?" People have wondered if it would happen at all.  Others speculated we were just going to be releasing cover tunes, or at best, a small collection of new tunes on the occasional 45 or EP.
But I think that the Slackers are a restless band. Individually and collectively, we are always writing new music and trying to find ways to top our old performances. 
So for the last 2 years,  we have been writing, rehearsing, editing, and recording new music.  Trying to figure out where we are at musically as a band at this point in our lives.   We have been sneaking in practices at sound checks and have had recording sessions in Brooklyn and out on the road in Portland, Oregon.
In trying to find our way towards a new album, we have worked with 3 producers; Vic Axelrod, Brian Dixon, and our own, Agent Jay.  Each one of them has supervised the recording of 4 tunes. 
 Vic Axelrod,  also known as 'Ticklah,' is well known as a musician, engineer, and producer for Antibalas, Sharon Jones, Easy Star, and Amy Winehouse.  We recorded under his supervision at his "Don't Trip" studios in Brooklyn.
 Brian Dixon is best known as the former guitar player of the Aggrolites, was one of the main architects of their sound, and is a respected producer out of Los Angeles.  We were hoping to mix some of the West Coast 'dirty reggae' sound with some of the Slackers "Jamaican Rock N Roll" east coast sound.
And last but by no means the least, we had Agent Jay supervise 4 tunes. When he is not the guitar player for the Slackers, he is one of the busiest engineers and producers in the East Coast scene!  Hopefully, you guys have heard of him!  With Jay we recorded at Seaside Studios in Brooklyn with Mitch Raskin as engineer.    Jay has also been in charge of making dubs of many of the tunes as well.
Together they have come up with several versions of 12 different original tunes and we will be forming them into 3 different 45s, an LP, a double LP, a CD, and a download package.
I'm really happy with the music that we have created this time around.  There are references to Psychedelia, Roots Reggae, Ska, Garage Rock, Dub, Modal Jazz, Motown, Country...the list just goes on and on.  I think at this point we don't feel like we have a lot of rules about what we can play and record, it just has to feel right for us.  A friend of mine who heard some of the tunes said, "it sounds like you mixed together a whole bunch of my favorite albums and made a new style of music."  Yes.  Exactly.
Now we need your help to bring this music out into the world.  We live in a post-record label age where bands are dependent upon the community that is our fans to help bring our music out into the world. Two years ago, we partnered with BIG TUNES and were able to bring out our last batch of music and hopefully, this year with your support we will be able to do so again.
We have been working hard on improving the fundraising process from last time. Some of these improvements include the "Eurosaver" package for overseas fans, tickets to a special small venue Slackers show, a "Golden Ticket" that gives you special rewards, and special Pizza Box deliveries for certain packages. 
We have also tried to improve customer service and communication with the addition of a new constantly updated blog that will serve as a bulletin board where people can see where were are in terms of production and also a special "Ask A Slacker" hotline where you can ask the band questions about the album, the different pieces of vinyl and cds, the fundraiser, rewards....whatever you want to know.       
So here it is, "The Slackers' Summer of Big Tunes 2.....the Next Slackers Album!" We are grateful for your support in the past and hope you will again. 
Thanks so much, David Hillyard  July, 2015.   

About The Slackers

The Slackers began back in 1991 in New York City. Since that time they have released 13 full length studio albums, 3 live albums, and numerous EPs, Singles, and Compilation tracks. They have also been legendary road warriors having played thousands of live shows in 34 different countries. The Slackers lineup is Vic Ruggiero - Vocals, Organ; Glen Pine - Vocals, Trombone; Marcus Geard - Bass; Jayson Nugent - Guitar; Ara Babajian - Drums; David Hillyard - Saxophones.
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  • $10

    The Slackers next album download will include approximately 60 minutes of music and includes some dub mixes, alternative mixes, and extra tracks. Downloads will be high fidelity mp3s.
  • $20
    New Slackers LP

    The Slackers next album is available in LP form with approximately 40 minutes of original music. Full color sleeve with art designed by Catt Gould. Includes music download.
  • $35
    New Slackers Deluxe LP

    The Slackers next album is available in double LP form. This includes the regular LP plus a 2nd LP of extra tracks, alternative mixes, and dub tracks! Full color foldout gatefold sleeve with art designed by Catt Gould Includes music download.
  • $15
    New Slackers Deluxe CD

    The Slackers next album is available in deluxe cd form. This version includes approximately 60 minutes of music. It includes some extra tracks and dub mixes. Plus it includes a handprinted cd booklet by Ellery Harvey. The cd booklet includes lyrics to all the tunes. Includes music download.
  • $20
    Secret Show Advance Ticket

    Grab one of 100 tickets to a secret show in NYC. The band will play a set followed by the new record in it's entirety. Show is Feb. 27th, 2016 Includes music download.
  • $50
    Baba's New Bag

    All 3 45s plus Single LP Includes music download.
  • $60
    Agent Jay Vinyl Selector

    All 3 45s plus Double LP Includes music download.
  • $75
    Dave Hillyard's Rocksteady 7

    All 3 45s, Double LP, Deluxe CD, Poster, & T-Shirt Includes music download.
  • $50
    Victor's Eurosaver

    45 Euros! 1 LP plus special Europe only 45 plus download and SHIPPING IS INCLUDED! Special deal for our European fans! We know how expensive it was to ship last time from the states so we found a manufacturer who can make limited edition items in Europe. Offer only good for countries within the following shipping area (UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, and Greece) Includes music download.
  • $95
    One More Song! One More Song!

    All 3 45s, double LP, download, deluxe cd, limited edition tshirt plus DISKAMBOBULATION 45! An extra chance to get a reward from the last fundraiser campaign! Rare limited edition slackers 45! All delivered in a pizza box. Includes music download.
  • $12
    The Producer Series 45 - V. Axelrod

    Picture sleeve 45 with 2 tunes produced by Victor Axelrod.
  • $12
    The Producer Series 45 - B. Dixon

    Picture sleeve 45 with 2 tunes produced by Brian Dixon.
  • $12
    The Producer Series 45 - Agent Jay

    Picture sleeve 45 with 2 tunes produced by Agent Jay.
  • $10

    12x12 "record flat" color silk screened poster. Art by Catt Gould.
  • $15
    Limited Edition T Shirt

    Special limited edition tshirt using a design by Catt Gould featuring art used from the album.
  • $85
    Glen Pine's Working Overtime

    All 3 producer series 45s, double LP, download, deluxe CD, limited edition tshirt plus signed limited edition poster plus delivery in a custom pizza box with slackers logo on it. Includes music download.
  • $100
    Marcus' Moustache

    All 3 producer series 45s, double LP, deluxe cd, limited edition tshirt plus signed limited edition poster, plus delivery in a custom pizza box plus a GOLDEN TICKET (gives you 10% off at the Slackers merch table plus a free guest spot at an upcoming Slackers show and a drink ticket for a free drink!) Includes music download.
  • $110
    Pass The Test

    Rareness incarnate. Test pressings of all 3 45s, LP, and double LP. Dave'll write you a short note with each one. It may contain a haiku, lymeric, or other written verse. Includes music download.